Productivity + Intimacy

Introducing Tit for Tat.

Rediscover Your Spark. Get Stuff Done.

Our vision is to help couples connect and rediscover their spark together. We combine a pragmatic approach, technology and innovation giving couples the tools they need to achieve intimacy and productivity.


Tit for Tat is a gamified to do list for couples. You can easily add tasks and projects enabling your partner to fulfill your wishes in a fun way.


Tit for Tat has a curated list of gift, experiential, and sensual rewards perfectly designed for couples to spend quality time together or apart. We empower couples to get closer in new and different ways.


Couples want to get stuff done AND feel closer together. Tit for Tat combines these elements into a fun iOS app. Let the app provide all of the reminders and nagging necessary.

Introducing: Tit For Tat

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How You Can Benefit

Finally there is a fun and easy solution to an age old problem

Invest in your most important relationship

Choose to make each other a priority every day. Make dedicated time for your partner.

Remove Nagging

The app handles all of the reminding and owns your to do list.

Be Productive

Earn currency for completing your tasks.

Enjoy each other's company

Savor time with your partner with entertaining and affection-building activities.

Notice each other

Appreciate and provide gratitude for your partner through Tit for Tat.

Get professional advice

Our app is developed alongside and with the guidance of a licensed psychologist, Dr. Dominique Samuels.


Meet the Team


Scott Kleper, Founder

Scott is a computer scientist with practically a lifetime of experience building applications and products in consumer and enterprise spaces. Scott is a successful entrepreneur, investor and advisor. He enjoys classic rock and personal finance. Scott has two degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University. Scott and Marni have been married for better and worse for 12 years and have two sons.


Marni Kleper, Founder

Marni is a seasoned merchandiser and inventory manager with twelve years of experience in corporate retail. She also spends her time developing and investing in real estate projects in San Francisco. She has a personal passion for helping people feel like their best selves every day. Marni has a degree in International Relations and French from Tufts University. Marni and Scott have been married for better and worse for 12 years and have two sons.