Productivity, Intimacy, and Technology: Announcing Boat Launch, Inc.

The biggest problem in marriage isn’t divorce. It’s the slow steady process of turning a spark of passion into a business relationship. In a few short years, I want you so bad turns into I want you to empty the dishwasher… so bad. To wit, a recent study of Google search habits by economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz revealed that the top searches about marital problems weren’t about abuse, cheating, or unhappiness. They were about lack of intimacy. Logistics increase and sparks fade; that’s just the way it goes, right?

Marni and I are starting Boat Launch, Inc. because we don’t think that’s the way it has to go. We believe that at the intersection of Productivity, Intimacy, and Technology, there’s a solution to what every single couple we’ve talked to tells us (confidentially) is a theme in their relationship.

As we get closer to launching our product, we’ll go into more detail on how Productivity, Intimacy, and Technology fit together. Until then, you can follow @boatlaunchinc on Twitter, sign up to test “Tit for Tat”, and go empty the damn dishwasher!

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